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Taste Mahaluxmi Honey, Pure & Naturally Sweet!

Honey Coated Nut, Herbal Honey, Natural Honey Etc.


About Us

Many companies make tall claims to customers while advertising products but in reality customers do not get completely same products that company promised in the advertisement. Misinformed and blindly trusting customers end up buying low quality products. But, AKR Great Honeybee Private Limited is not like these companies. It advertises what it makes and serves what is beneficial for customers.

Mr. Ashwani Sharma formed the company in 1991 to make customers believe that unadulterated, 100% pure and untainted by chemicals Honey is best for consumption. His effort to produce pure honey helped consumers gain benefits of nutritionally benefiting honey.

Large collection of natural containing Honey Coated Nut, Herbal Honey, Natural Honey, 1 Kg Natural Honey Jar, 225gm Honey Squeeze Jar, to name some, that we bring forth, gets appreciation for both quality and packaging.

From the last 28 years, we are running as a manufacturer, a large honey processing unit in Ambala (Haryana, India). The production operations are safely performed to make quality reach at every customer's doorstep. We have not only modern honey processing machines but also large storage unit for safe keeping of processed honey. A laboratory for testing honey quality processed as per European standards has been developed in the production unit.

We are registered with FSSAI and APED for production of quality best honey. We are indulged in consumer as well as bulk packaging of honey. We have our own 5000 boxes of planted beehives, from where we get pure honey. Additionally, we also source pure honey from associated bee keepers. In not only national, but also international market, we serve our unadulterated honey along with the offer of private labeling.

Types of Honey

Honey is highly beneficial because it cures many human ailments. It is beneficial to consume raw as well as mixed with other food products on a daily basis. At AKR Great Honeybee Private Limited, we understand beneficial properties of this gold color liquid, natural sweetener which is why we offer twelve different packs of honey, which are as follows:
  • Acacia Honey
  • Crunch Honey
  • Eucalytus Honey
  • Forest Honey
  • Herbal Honey
  • Lichee Honey
  • Multi Flora Honey
  • Mustard Honey
  • Neem Honey
  • Nut With Honey
  • SIDR Honey
  • Van Tulsi Honey
Quality Assurance

We feel that quality control is a tough job only for those companies, which work with a single motive of profit earning and not with the motive of rendering satisfaction to customers. We, having the motive of rendering complete satisfaction to each of our customer, perform the task of quality controlling easily.

We have our in-house lab experts and great bee keeping network. The success of our quality assuring system has helped us improve the standards of health and safety. In the specially developed quality testing unit, high precision Colorimeter, Specirophtometer, Biological equipment and others are placed for checking Honey Coated Nut, Herbal Honey, etc, on parameters of purity and composition. We first check physical properties and then chemicals properties.

Packaging at Its Best

For safe packaging of our pure Honey Coated Nut, Herbal Honey , etc., we use below given packaging materials:
  • PET Jar
  • Square Bottles
  • Glass Bottle with Tin/Plastic Lid
  • Squeeze Jar Cone Cap
  • Big Drums (Bulk packaging)

28 gm Honey Jar
28 gm Honey Jar
Herbal Honey
Herbal Honey
125gm Natural Honey Bottle
125gm Natural Honey Bottle
100gm Honey Jar
100gm Honey Jar
Honey Coated Nut
Honey Coated Nut
1 Kg Natural Honey Jar
1 Kg Natural Honey Jar
225gm Honey Squeeze Jar
225gm Honey Squeeze Jar